Were Street Methodist church

Click here to see there were eight Methodist, Presbyterian and Congregational churches opened in Brighton between 1840 and 1940. (source - Russell Vial) 

And this article refers to the history of Were Street Methodist church, where the cousins found much of their identity.


Have you ever wondered what is beyond the end of Memory Lane?  With help from Russell Vial, this collection may tickle the innermost parts of your cerebral matter.


Various youth camp photos.  Apart from Hut 6 at Belgrave Heights, Easter Camp, and a few faces blowing on the pingpong ball, any help appreciated with places, people and years.


Photo provided by Vida Peckham (nee Briggs).  Vida's mum, Nancvy, is Bob  Waddell's sister)

Front Row:  Nance (Waddell) Briggs, ?,Doris Davis (Richardson),? 
Back row:  Ron Briggs, Aub Briggs, Sheila Waddell (Davis),  Bert Waddell, Joe Davis


Many youth groups met at the church - MYF, gymnastics, badminton ... you name it. 

They also inter-married.  For example, the wedding photo includes the families: Briggs, Vial, Waddell, Davis and Barber - all Were Street royalty (or so they thought).


On the 'new' tennis courts - people as marked (well, almost).  The person marked as Patricia Reddy is actually Margaret Boud. 


Do you remember the Sunday School bus Charlie provided for Were Street?  Many thanks to Max Hunkin and Russell Vial for tracking these down.

Click here to check out this wonderful Were Street Jubilee (1937) document.  There are many names the older cousins will remember 


Our best endeavours at naming those in Sunday School, circa 1953:

Front row: X X Robert Waddell, X X X

2nd row: Julie Taylor,  X  X  X  Alison Teague, Rhonda Hay, X Margaret Waddell, Helen Teague

3rd row: X Rodney Finn,  X  X Robyn Dorey  X  Mary Waddell

4th row: X Andrew Davis X  X Jan Allen X  X  X 

5th row: Jenny Clark, Gay Elvish, Robert Davis, Graeme Beere?, X X  X  X Catherine Hunter, Barbara Lark 

Back row: Mrs Frank Beer, Nola Roberts, Mrs Hutton, Miss Doris Herring, Bruce Roberts, Noel Bock, Vera Walker, ? Roberts