Although Noeline works, we have had occasional trips away .  


  • Dove Lake
  • The Spirit of Tasmania departs Devonport
  • The lighthouse, Devonport
  • Raspberry Farm, Christmas Hills
  • Our beautiful gardens (3 photos)
  • Citrus
  • The tiered gardens

ABOVE: It's worth getting up each morning for this.

BELOW: ... and going to bed with this.

My turn to write the usual greetings.

At least I don't have a lisp like Chester.  It makes my greetings easier to read.

Chester is a bit la-de-da.  Here he is drinking tea with the Ruling Class.

Site occasionally updated as we see fit - this version was completed in December 2023.

Hello loyal fans,

On behalf of Chester and myself, welcome to the main feature of this web site - us.  

Now that we are thirteen (in dog years that's much older than Dad and Mum), we are more inclined to hang around the back door where our bed is located - this gives us ready access to titbits that Mum sneaks out to us, firsthand evidence when Dad is ready to take us for our walk, and proximity to where we sleep.  

Peace and poise,


Dad is such a lazy bones.  This is a typical pose.  So embarrassing.  Chester is protecting him but he's not even comfortable to sit on.

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