Sheila Waddell (nee Davis)

Sheila married Dr Robert Waddell (Bob). 
They had six daughters and, finally, a son.  

Sheila and her mob

ABOVE:  BACK: Jen, Mary, Jo, Sheila, Margie, Bob FRONT: David, Cathie

BELOW: Come for a waddle with Sheila. 

You can identify her siblings and the similarities with her offspring - such a clear genetic link.  (Ed: Sheila probably had the best sense of humour of all the relatives - although I am prepared to be corrected.)

Image 6 (Sheila's 8th birthday) was taken just before the family moved to Melbourne.  Sheila started at Brighton Beach State School with not much hair because her head had been shaved because of Scarlet Fever.  She used to tell the story of when she started at the school of either overhearing a teacher say or being spoken to directly, "What an unusual looking child!" 

As Cathie says, "Oh she could make us laugh."



Cecilie is Sheila's second child.

Josephine (Josie)


Josie, the third child, married RevJohn McRae.  They have four children and twelve grandchildren.



Mary was number four, shemarried Bruce Neil and has four children and four grandchildren.

Margaraet (Margie)


Margie is fifthhas a daughter, Kyema.

Jennifer (Jen)


Jenny married Peter Schroder, and has four children and seven grandchildren. 


This photo is of Jen with her mum (Sheila), and another mother and baby - probably the wife of the doctor with whom Dr Bob Waddell practiced in Geelong.  

Catherine (Cathie)


Cathie, sixth born, married Hendrik and has five children.


David says, “As for the past 40 years I just seem to have been working, working and working. Just about ready to stop I think. We spent a couple of years living in Echuca from 1989-1991 when Jonathan was born.

Jonathan lives in Richmond with his partner Julia. He did civil engineering and works for a building firm. Julia is a lawyer. Charlie has moved back home and is studying industrial design. He also works a couple of days a week with me. His partner Wynona has also just moved in during this virus time. She has studied fine arts and is suitably arty and musical but, sadly, has just lost her job due to the coronavirus. Both are lovely girls."


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