Charlie and Mabel purchased a chook farm at Flinders as a holiday house.

BELOW: Taking that elusive group photo at the 2003 reunion.  Plus Bruce leading 'Wide Wide as the Ocean'

Saucy postcards

These postcards were purchased at Murray and Commons, the Flinders General Store.  Surely Mrs Commons did not approve?


The key to the bathing box is still in existence, albeit the key is salt encrusted and the bathing box itself has gone to Davy Jones. 

Suzanne was keeping of the key for decades and David now has the original key.  It can be viewed only by arranged inspection and under secure circumstances. 

David owns the 'new' houses at Flinders.

David reports

The bottom story is all filled in now with an internal staircase and I just spent last weekend ripping down the external staircase which was about to fall down anyhow. We are about to put a double garage and carport on the west side of the block and shift the driveway to the other side. I was looking at the area to be cleared with the builder and there is still concrete footings from the old water tanks.

I remember when I must have been about 8 or 9 and for some reason Uncle Joe and Aunty Doris were looking after me and I had climbed on top of one of the tanks.  I stood on the inspection hole cover and fell through into the water. Luckily it was almost full and I was able to grab the edge but still had to be rescued but Uncle Joe.  As you can imagine Aunty Doris nearly had a heart attack as I disappeared from sight and she yelled at me later.  Then Uncle Joe had to drain the tank to retrieve the cover. Anyway I survived to tell the tale.

BELOW: Charlie's daughters and their husbands at the 2003 reunion

BELOW: Some of the assembled throng at the 2003 reunion.